Bottle Can Balers


    This is a one step baler that will take full or empty containers and turn them into a solid bale of aluminum or cardboard.  In one simple step the container is crushed into a bale and 99% of the liquid is evacuated.  The contents of the container are collected in a reservoir which can then either be connected to a drain, or pumped to a remote container.  Ideal for disposing of outdated beverages such as soft drinks, juices, milk products, etc.  This product does equally well with cans, and plastic or cardboard containers.


    - Force:  56,500 pounds

    - Motor:  10HP TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)

    - Bale Size:  54" x 16" x up to 24"

    - Bale Weight:  up to 120 pounds (aluminum cans)

                             up to 230 pounds (plastic bottles)

    - Will compact 2,000 full plastic bottles or 4,000 aluminum cans into a single bale.

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