Fluorescent Bulb Crusher

By law, non-residential fluorescent light bulbs must be disposed of in a special manner. These fluorescent bulb crusher meet the EPA and OSHA standards for bulb crushing and disposal. The toxic mercury vapor in the bulbs is captured in the filtration system. Fit up to 1,350 crushed four foot T8 bulbs into one 55 gallon drum. Ideal for factories, hospitals, schools, universities, office buildings, malls, and airports.

  • Crushing Rate: Up to 30 4 foot tubes per minute
  • Models with 4 and 5 Stage Filtration
  • Digital Control Panel with LCD Display
Nationwide Recycling Service
  • Pick Up Full Drums of Crushed Bulbs and Drop Off Empty Drums.
  • Once Recycling is Completed, a Certificate of Recycling (COR) is Issued.
  • Call for More Information and Pricing.